Happy Birthday, Grandma!

May 19, 2015

Today would have been my grandma’s 100th birthday! I always remember her on this day, but as I was driving home from work, I realized she was born 100 years ago today.



Here are a few memories of grandma…

  • Dancing in the living room, or the kitchen, or the hallway!
  • Brushing my hair in the family room when I stayed over
  • Her singing “Put Your Head on My Shoulder”
  • Her laugh, and her smile
  • Her bright, blue eyes
  • Quilts!
  • Crocheted afghans and pillows
  • Her little stutter, which went away as she got older
  • Her flaming red hair, then her snow white hair
  • Her quiet beauty
  • Decorating her house at Christmas with the family
  • Homemade rolls at the holidays
  • Her stories
  • Her love of flowers
  • Drives to Utah for reunions; the camper, 5th wheel, and the motor home
  • Home movies
  • Barbeques in the backyard; the picnic table (which I now have)
  • Her love for my children; she called Rebecca, “Precious”
  • Her strength the last few years of her life
  • The quilts she made, before she died, for the next generation
  • The way she looked in her casket; absolutely beautiful, surrounded by peace and grace

Grandma passed away in 2002.

I miss you, grandma. Thank you for being one of my guardian angels. I can just see you dancing on the clouds!








2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Grandma!

  1. Sally Williams says:

    Dear Laura,

    What wonderful memories of a dear lady. I’m sure she loved you very much. Thanks for sharing. Love, Sally


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