Home, Sweet Home

August 8, 2017

Hello again!  More of a whirlwind.  Just want to say hi and will catch up with the rest soon.

Rebecca and I just got home from another trip last night.  Our plane home was delayed almost 2 hours.  Sitting in a very busy airport is not much fun, but it did go by quick enough.  While I was sitting there, I realized I really am a “need time alone” kind of gal.

We went to Utah for my grandma’s family reunion.  We stayed with my cousin, Janet, and it was good to see her and her growing family.  The reunion went well and we had a bigger number than in the past several years.  Hooray for our Star Wars theme!

More on all of this later.  I just want to share a few photos

 The day we got there, Janet took us all to Ruby Snap Cookies in Salt Lake.  I signed their guest book.  Check out my nails!  The day before we left, I got them done.  I’ve never had “fake” anything, let alone nails.  I decided to go for it.  I like them.  Let’s see how they do when I work in the yard this weekend :).

Congratulations to Tressa and Zack!  Getting married in just a few weeks, and yes, we are going back to Utah again to celebrate with them.  Rebecca is in the wedding, too.


On a beautiful, warm, Utah evening!

We took a drive up to Snowbird (Wasatch-Cache National Forest-Little Cottonwood Canyon-elevation 7760’) to check out the place their ceremony will take place.  Oh my gosh!!  It was gorgeous.  First of all, it was cool and breezy!  Lovely.  It was about 100 degrees back down in the valley.  Perfect timing for the mountain’s wildflower explosion.  I was in heaven, and felt so close God and nature.  I took a “few” pictures.  Here’s a couple of my favorites.


Split Leaf Indian Paintbrush


Big or Little Cottonwood Creek (not sure)


Anyone know what this is? It was all over the Dean’s Delight trail.


Surrounded by them!

We drove a little higher up the mountain and stopped at Albion Basin (elevation 9500’).  More and more spectacular views and displays of color.  Thanks, girls for waiting while I snapped my pictures!


Lupine, Fireweed, and Richard’s Geranium. Such a lovely spot.



Stunning purple lupine.

Like I mentioned, the family reunion went well.  Here we all are, Elaine’s family.  

 Yesterday, we helped with preparations for Janet’s youngest daughter’s bridal shower.  It was beautiful, and so was Tressa’s smile!


Beautiful Bride to Be


Janet and Me


Mom and Rebecca

Home now, and so happy to be.  Sitting here at the computer looking out at the flowers blooming in my own backyard! 


It’s cooling down and a nice breeze is coming through the window on my bare arms.  It’s just about time to stop for tonight.  I told myself I had to write before I could have my open-faced toasted tomato topped with basil and fresh mozzarella sandwich! Yummmm! 

Have a wonderful evening!




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  1. angelina13100 says:

    Laura really enjoyed your post and your family pictures.I been at Kaiser Hospital with my brother Gene. After Ulta Sound, blood work and Cat scan the Doctor told my brother they found a “mass” next to his Liver.Next step is with Oncologist. Say a prayer that it can be removed and hasn’t spreed.Life is so unpredictable…you never know what will happen by the end of your day.

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  2. William Campbell says:

    Nice blog.  Thanks for all your help at the reunion/  I wasn’t much help but I guess that is my life now. Love MOM

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