Happy Thanksgiving

November 23, 2018

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and are enjoying time with family and friends.

We’ve had fires here in California, and our skies have been gray and heavy with smoke.  At times you can smell it, too, and it makes it difficult to breathe.  Miraculously, we had some rain begin on Wednesday.  It cleared the skies, and the smoke.  Yesterday, on Thanksgiving, I woke up to blue skies and glorious puffy white clouds!  I could see so clearly the hills by my house again.  The trees are turning and all around you can see vibrant yellows, oranges, reds, and browns.  In the sunlight, the leaves look fluorescent or like they are on fire.  I love driving down the street surrounded on both sides by fall color.  If it is breezy and the leaves are falling, it is magical.


We had a great Thanksgiving.  My mom made the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and yams.  Soooo good!  I made the gravy (very important you know), and brought a pumpkin pie from Costco… the best!  The meal was perfect.  No mishaps, or overcooked turkey.  My brother was sick, and his partner had to work, so it was my poor dad with 5 women (my mom, Rebecca, two lady friends, and myself).  Let’s just say, he worked in the shop some, then watched football in his bedroom for most of the time.


I made place cards using magnolia leaves and a paint pen.  They turned out very nice and everyone enjoyed them.

I am thankful I have my freedom, a home, a family, food, and a job.  Not everyone has that.  I pray the people in the fire areas, especially those who lost their homes, have strength and the courage to carry on.  Community is so important.  It’s a shame sometimes it takes a disaster to bring us together.  We should reach out every day, say hello, offer service, hold a hand.  Lift people up, don’t bring them down.  The world just might be a better place.


I lost two friends in the past month or so.  I feel their loss and am thankful to have been blessed with their friendship while they were on this earth.  I know they are reveling in family and friends that had passed before them.  Vivian is dancing with Joann, and Patty is cooking for a crowd, and both of them are free of pain.  I look forward to seeing them when my life here has ended.

DSC_0413 (2)

I miss you, ladies…

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend.  Thank you for being here! Let the holidays begin….


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