Not Cancelled…

August 16, 2020

Hi again!  In the mood for writing, so here’s some more.

My friend, Shelby, has been posting some wonderful things on Facebook.  She decided to share what in her life has NOT been cancelled due to the pandemic.  Lovely things like sunrises and sunsets, flowers in her garden, great meals her daughter has been making, BBQs and roasting marshmallows, camping, at the lake, etc.

So, I thought I’d look at things more positively and with gratitude.  Here are a few things that were not cancelled for me…

Not cancelled – Garden tomatoes!


Not cancelled – baby birdies!

Little blue jay just out of the nest!

        Barn swallows built a nest inside my front entry.  Mom, or dad, keeps a keen eye out!


Not cancelled – Wildflowers in the mountains!

Wild iris, a daisy, mountain lupine, columbine, wild sweetpeas, and penstemon. Gorgeous!


Not cancelled – Full moons!

The supermoon on May 6, 2020


Not cancelled – journaling and creating!


Starting a new journal.  I love making them!


I am so grateful for the support of my family.

I am grateful to be healthy during this pandemic.

I am grateful to have a home and funds to live on while not working.

I am grateful for the good days.

I am grateful for nature and for Willy and Jon’s cabin that allows me to be in the mountains.

What is not cancelled for you?  What are you grateful for?

Have a good night!

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