Home, Sweet Home

August 8, 2017

Hello again!  More of a whirlwind.  Just want to say hi and will catch up with the rest soon.

Rebecca and I just got home from another trip last night.  Our plane home was delayed almost 2 hours.  Sitting in a very busy airport is not much fun, but it did go by quick enough.  While I was sitting there, I realized I really am a “need time alone” kind of gal.

We went to Utah for my grandma’s family reunion.  We stayed with my cousin, Janet, and it was good to see her and her growing family.  The reunion went well and we had a bigger number than in the past several years.  Hooray for our Star Wars theme!

More on all of this later.  I just want to share a few photos

 The day we got there, Janet took us all to Ruby Snap Cookies in Salt Lake.  I signed their guest book.  Check out my nails!  The day before we left, I got them done.  I’ve never had “fake” anything, let alone nails.  I decided to go for it.  I like them.  Let’s see how they do when I work in the yard this weekend :).

Congratulations to Tressa and Zack!  Getting married in just a few weeks, and yes, we are going back to Utah again to celebrate with them.  Rebecca is in the wedding, too.


On a beautiful, warm, Utah evening!

We took a drive up to Snowbird (Wasatch-Cache National Forest-Little Cottonwood Canyon-elevation 7760’) to check out the place their ceremony will take place.  Oh my gosh!!  It was gorgeous.  First of all, it was cool and breezy!  Lovely.  It was about 100 degrees back down in the valley.  Perfect timing for the mountain’s wildflower explosion.  I was in heaven, and felt so close God and nature.  I took a “few” pictures.  Here’s a couple of my favorites.


Split Leaf Indian Paintbrush


Big or Little Cottonwood Creek (not sure)


Anyone know what this is? It was all over the Dean’s Delight trail.


Surrounded by them!

We drove a little higher up the mountain and stopped at Albion Basin (elevation 9500’).  More and more spectacular views and displays of color.  Thanks, girls for waiting while I snapped my pictures!


Lupine, Fireweed, and Richard’s Geranium. Such a lovely spot.



Stunning purple lupine.

Like I mentioned, the family reunion went well.  Here we all are, Elaine’s family.  

 Yesterday, we helped with preparations for Janet’s youngest daughter’s bridal shower.  It was beautiful, and so was Tressa’s smile!


Beautiful Bride to Be


Janet and Me


Mom and Rebecca

Home now, and so happy to be.  Sitting here at the computer looking out at the flowers blooming in my own backyard! 


It’s cooling down and a nice breeze is coming through the window on my bare arms.  It’s just about time to stop for tonight.  I told myself I had to write before I could have my open-faced toasted tomato topped with basil and fresh mozzarella sandwich! Yummmm! 

Have a wonderful evening!




Senior Honors Night & Other Honors         

April 26, 2017

The first official time I saw Rebecca in her graduation gown.  Wow, what a feeling that was!  Mostly, I was so proud of her.


It was a lovely program.  Considering the size of the class, there were not that many students being recognized.

We all attended to celebrate with her; Grandma and Grandpa, Willy, and myself.  For Willy and I, it brought back some memories of attending the same school, and being at the same honors night in the same building. Time flies, so they say, and it’s so true.


Rebecca received, some at different dates, the following awards and honors.

  • Departmental Honor in Photography
  • 2017 Honors Certificate of Excellence
  • Golden State Seal Merit Diploma
  • President’s Education Awards Program Outstanding Academic Excellence (with Trump’s signature -she had wished it could have been Obama’s).
  • California Legislature Certificate of Recognition Outstanding Contribution as Artery Club President
  • Graduating Magna Cum Laude


What a whirlwind !

What a whirlwind !

June 17, 2017whirlwind_by_mdtartist83-d78ourh

Hello again.  It certainly has been a whirlwind of projects, celebrations, busy days, and change.  I am happy to be writing again!

Where do I start?  Perhaps from the beginning, make a list, then go from there.

1.       April 26th, Rebecca’s Senior Honor’s Night

2.    April 29th, Mom’s 75th Birthday Party in my garden.

3.    May 3rd, Rebecca’s ESUHSD Photography Show and Awards

4.    May 10th, Book signing event I organized for a client.

5.    May 18th, my “first” workshop this year!

6.     May 20th, Rebecca’s Senior Ball

7.     May 24th, Janet and Kalisha in town, a family picnic.

8.     May 25th, Rebecca’s High School Graduation

9.     May 26th, Rebecca’s Graduation Party

10.    May 27th, Mitty’s graduation, brunch, and a party.

11.      May 28th, Two graduation parties.

12.    June 5th 9th, Rebecca’s graduation trip to Universal Studios and Disneyland.

13.    June 18th, Father’s Day and the Morgan Hill Car Show (okay this is tomorrow).

I did it!

April 5, 2017

Yes, I did it!  I have finished my workshop schedule!  All are posted on my SoulCollage® website, and below is the list of dates.  Wahoo!!

My Blue Sunshine

Workshops with You in Mind

Rejuvenation, Self-Care, Creativity

Do you need some time away?  Time to rejuvenate?  Time to create? Time to write?  Time to listen to your heart?  Time to heal?  Time for self-care?

Give yourself permission to do just that.  My workshops allow you to explore, to reach down into your heart and soul, to just breathe.  Workshops are held in my inspiring home studio and/or peaceful garden.  You are a special individual and you deserve to be treated kindly, respectfully, and lovingly.  You deserve and require time to step back, reflect, and discover who you really are and what your life’s purpose is on this earth.  In addition, all workshops come with a small token of my appreciation, and maybe a little goodie, too!

 Enclosed is a list of my upcoming workshops.  In this safe and motivational atmosphere, you will not be judged.  You will only feel peace and encouragement.  We keep news and politics to ourselves.  We support and sustain each other. 

I am also a SoulCollage® Facilitator.  If you are interested, check workshop dates on my SoulCollage® site, or workshop schedule.  Check out my blog, too!



If you have any questions and/or you decide you deserve this, and are ready to choose a date(s) and register, contact me at mybluesunshine@att.net


Affirmation Cards Series Cost $200 for 5 sessions, or $45 each.

Affirmation Cards contain positive thoughts and affirmations for women who want to, need to, or continue to, cultivate strength, love, joy, self-confidence, focus, and power. They just down right make you feel good!  Tell those negative thoughts to take a hike and join the celebration!

In this series of workshops, you will create your own Affirmation Cards. In each session, there will be a topic open for discussion and note taking.  Ideas and thoughts will fill the room (you may want to bring your journal)! You will then create a thoughtful and inspiring card that you can refer to often to help you remember what a wonderful person you are and how important you are in this world.  Some cards may be serious and thought provoking, some may be fun and make you laugh out loud.

No experience necessary!  No two cards will be alike.  You create them as you, and only you, wish to.  You will have access to my stash of papers and embellishments!  Scissors and glue are provided. Bring your own cutters, blades, self-healing mat, or any other personal supplies you’d like.

Mornings, 9am – 12pm, May 2nd to May 30th

Evenings, 6 – 9pm, May 2nd to May 30th

Affirmation Cards to Share Cost $45

In this workshop, you will create Affirmation Cards to share with others.  For a gift, for a friend or family member that might need a bit of sunshine, or to leave in a public place to make someone smile…a random act of kindness!  You will have access to my store of papers and embellishments, scissors and glue.  Bring your own cutters, blades, self-healing mat, or any other personal supplies you’d like.

May 12th, 1 – 4pm

May 21st, 1 – 4pm

June 11th, 2 – 5pm

June 15th, 9am – 12pm

Journaling Series Cost $175 for 5 sessions, or $40 each.

Journaling comes naturally to some, but for those who have not made it a practice, or begin and forget to follow through, this is the time to start and honor your life, your hopes, your story, your purpose.  There are many different kinds of journals: Daily journals for your personal history.  Happiness journals.  Nature journals.  Art journals.  Etc.

This series of journaling workshops will be a combination of all of the above, and more!  You need not be creative.  You need only to have a heart and the ability to write.  If you already journal, you go, girl!  But join us and possibly try something new or different.

In each session, we will have a topic open for discussion and sharing.  You will then have time to reflect and write.  You may want to add pictures, mementos, drawings, or art to your pages.  This is your time.  I am here to encourage and provide a safe, casual, and inspiring place.  You will have access to my stash of papers, pens, punches, glue, and scissors.  Bring your own cutters, blades, self-healing mat, or any other personal supplies you’d like.

 Mondays, 6 – 9pm, May 1st, 8th, 15th 22nd, June 12th

Fridays, 9am – 12pm, May 5th, 12th, 19th, June 2nd, 16th

Journal Days Cost $25

You will choose a space in the studio or garden to have some quiet time to reflect, draw, and write.  You will have access to my pens, markers and colored pencils if you want to add a bit of your creative side.  Some topic ideas will be available, or you may come with something you need to work out, let go of, celebrate, remember, or simply to put your day in writing.

May 13th, 10am – 12pm

May 31st, 9am – 11pm

June 17th, 2 – 4pm

Journaling Workshops open to All!

“Your” Vision Board Cost $40

Do you have trouble visualizing your ideas, your ventures, your new home, your space, your plan?  Vision boards are a wonderful way to envision your dream!

In this workshop, you will create a Vision Board that speaks to any topic you like.  Vision boards contain images, words, artwork, embellishments, etc. that reach out to you.  You take these pieces and arrange them together on a plain board that comes to life in front of your very eyes.  You can revisit it any time you need a little push, a little reminder of your hopes and goals.

Vision boards are used in many different ways.  Our vision boards will honor you and your deepest wishes.  They can be hidden away, for your eyes only, or hung up in a special place for you to gaze upon at all times.

Vision boards can also lead to some thinking, and journaling!  The board can get your mind wandering and your heart thumping. 

You will have access to my stash of papers, pens, punches, glue, and scissors.  Bring your own cutters, blades, self-healing mat, or any other personal supplies you’d like.

Start now, looking for and saving images and words that would work together to create your “vision”.  Look through magazines, on-line, in books, old & new photos, etc. to begin your quest.  I will have magazines and books available to look through, but that could take up a lot of your creative time and you may not find what you are specifically looking for.  If you have more than one idea, great, collect for a few different ideas and decide which you want to work with first.  The others can be saved for another board, another time.

April 24th, 6 – 9pm

April 25th, 9am – 12pm

May 13th, 1:30 – 4:30pm

May 22nd, 9am – 12pm



More dates will be scheduled soon!

Workshop schedules are subject to change.

I would love feedback/comments, requests and/or suggestions!


I’ve done it!

April 4, 2017

Yes, I’m just about ready to publish my workshop schedule!  This month is a little busy working on a Creative Arts and Yard Sale (coming this Saturday, which may be cancelled due to rain!! – but may still do the Creative Arts Sale), and a 75th Birthday Garden Luncheon for my mom.  I’ve stuck a couple of classes in this month, but will start full force in May!  I’ll be sending the schedule out tomorrow at the latest.  You will also be able to check them out on my SoulCollage® website, http://www.soulcollage.com/laura-campbell .

To begin, I will be offering SoulCollage®, Journaling, Self-Care, Affirmation Cards, and Vision/Mood Boards in my home studio.  I’m slowly getting it ready for my guests.  Here’s a little peek…

I’m pretty excited, a little scared, and, of course, hoping I’ll have plenty of guests!  I truly want to share things I have learned with others, and maybe assist them on their way to healing with positive affirmation of their worth, purpose, and talents.  I love looking for and researching ideas for creative and inspiring activities and can’t wait to share them with everyone. 



Love, Love, Love this!


Some new adventures in creativity…

March 21, 2017

An update on my new and changing life.

I have been doing research, creating workshop plans, and just about ready to put out my schedule and descriptions of the different classes I’ll be offering. 

I’m will be returning to my SoulCollage® workshops and am planning several more including Vision and Mood boards, Journaling, Art Journaling, and Self-Care ideas.

In my research, I found and read a lot about different “Mood” Boards. I hadn’t really heard of them until I spotted them on Pinterest.  Oh, what a wonderful world that is!  So many ideas from women who have shared their passions and creativity with the rest of the world.  How blessed we are!  Congratulations to them for following their heart and taking that first step.

Anyway, I wanted to share something I did a couple of days ago.  I created a mood board with photos I’ve taken or found on-line.  I will be offering a workshop on creating one with your own hands, but I wanted to try something a bit different.  It was truly a wonderful experience taking my time and putting it together. I look at it, and say,”Yes, that’s me”.  The word I had chosen was “Listen”.  It came to me when I saw the picture of the fairy sitting in a carpet of blue flowers.  She is listening to the sounds of the forest, the birds, the water, and to the universe.  From there, it was easy to find other pictures that spoke “listen” to me.

Anyone could do this if you allowed yourself some time, chose a subject or mood, and to dig deep down in your soul and find pictures that speak to you.  I used Powerpoint as I think it is the easiest to use.  I turned my creation into a .jpg, and now it is my desktop!  So lovely to look at every day!

Listen mood board

I plan on journaling about my “Listen” board, too.  Try doing one yourself.  I’d love to see it.

Rich’s Bulb Garden 2017

March 19, 2017

I visited Rich’s garden today!  It was a little cloudy, but it was supposed to rain next week and I wanted to take some pictures.

It was just beautiful as it always is.  Most of the daffodils were still in bloom, and lots of tulips, anemones, and ranunculus.  There are still some waiting to open and show their faces.

There were a lot of visitors in the time I was there.  Yes, I was there quite a long time taking pictures!

Here are a “few” pictures I’d like to share…






I’m going to try and go by again sometime this week hoping for more blooms, and more photos!  If I do, I’ll share.  If you live in the San Jose area, and want to check it out, he has his garden open through the 26th, from noon to 5pm each day.  The address is 850 Gateview Court, San Jose, 95133.  You can check his website for more information.  He’s quite a character with a lot of talent.



Meet Hope and Charity!

March 14, 2017

Today was the day!  I’ve been thinking and dreaming about it for about a year now.  I’ve been in the pet store many times to pick up dog food for Bella.  I’ve looked and admired them.  One time, almost got one, because she was so beautiful.  Rebecca hates birds!!

But today was the day!  The little blue and white parakeets touched my heart.  The one with the beautiful white crown had to be mine.  I looked into her eyes and knew I needed her.  Of course, she needed a friend, so I decided on the another one with a blue crown with a little white spot. 

I went back and forth.  I shouldn’t spend the money.  It’s not the right time.  Rebecca hates birds!!!  I looked at the cages.  I looked back at the birds.  I looked at the cages, and again back at the birds.  Such a hard decision.  Why?  I had just spent five hours cleaning an elderly couple’s home.  I had money in my purse.  Yes, today was the day!  I just couldn’t leave these birdies there.

So, I picked a cage and a few other things, waited for my birdies to be put in their travel box, and headed home with a smile on my face. 

Okay, so Rebecca was not too happy.  My mom doesn’t like birds, either.  But, my dad was so excited to meet them.  He likes birds! Brought back memories of Pete the bird he had as a child.

20170314_171012 - Copy

They seem pretty happy to be here!  I love them bunches.  Hope is taking a nap, and Charity is posing.



Truth Cards, something new!

March 12, 2017

Another class!  Today I went to a class in Manteca (long story) to see what Truth Cards are all about.  I recently registered for the Brave Girls Symposium 2017 I will be attending in July.  One of my favorite artists, Kelly Rae Roberts, will be speaking. I watched her speech from last year, and I could so closely relate to her story.  I want to hear more. 

Anyway, after registering for the symposium, I checked out the link to the Brave Girls’ site, and from there I found a local facilitator offering a class I was very interested in.  Below is the description of the process:

Truth cards are beautiful little messages of love and truth that are written directly to our souls…telling us the TRUTH when we are tempted to believe words that are keeping us from believing the love and truth about ourselves.

You don’t need to be an artist to create Truth Cards.   Using inspiring collage art, some prepared messages, a little glue and some beautiful bits and pieces, you’ll create some personalized messages to your soul.

So, I drove to Manteca (which was the same route I took yesterday to Alden Lane – just a bit farther) and met Sheri and was welcomed into her home and amazing creative “studio”.  I was so happy I went.  Just seeing her space and how she had decorated it was worth the trip.  If you don’t know, I have changed my living room into my “studio” and have been making plans to jazz it up.


We spent some time talking about truths and lies, and how un-truths can damage our souls, which in turn can affect how we feel about ourselves and live our lives.  It is so important to be true to ourselves.  We were given five pages of written “truths” to go through, and choose the ones that speak to our truths. 

Once we had done this, we moved to a wonderful table to create cards to add our truths to.  Each of us were given 5 cards, but I only finished three.  No matter, I can work on the rest at home.

I really enjoyed the class. It gave me more ideas for creating and soul searching. 

Green, Green, and more, Green!

March 11, 2017

Such a wonderful day!  I had signed up to take a Fairy Door making class at Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore.  You really should check them out.  It is an amazing place and a wonderful experience!

It was a bright, sunny day, and the drive was spectacular.  As I drove closer to the foothills, the green began.  The hills were that vivid spring green you only see for a short time each year.  The sky was so clear and blue it looked like you could reach up and touch the top of them.  I felt so much awe, and was filled with so much gratitude.  I opened the top of the van and turned up the music.  The sun on my head and the wind in my hair felt glorious.  Yellow mustard flowers were everywhere, and patches of sunny orange poppies were spread here and there.  Cows and horses were grazing, and flocks of blackbirds were flying low and resting on the barbed wire fences along the road.  I love, love, love the song of blackbirds. You’ll have to imagine the scenery, or take the drive yourself as I couldn’t just pull over on the freeway to take pictures…. not that I really, really didn’t want to!

As I got off the highway and turned onto the road to the nursery (Vallecitos Road), I spotted two deer in the shady grass amongst some trees and then a few wild turkeys!  I arrived at the nursery to find vintage bathtubs filled with bright yellow daffodils, and even in the parking lot!  And as I walked through the passage way to the back, a multitude of colors and scents touched my soul.  Flowers truly speak to me.

Well, when I asked where to go, I was directed to the kid’s art area, and I thought, uh-oh.  When I got there, there were a few women wandering around.  I think we were all worried we were a little too old 😊.  But as it got closer to the beginning of the class, there were many women, and a lot of young people, too, in attendance.  Whew!

The class was held under a huge, gnarly oak tree.  I snagged a spot in some shade and proceeded to “create”.  It was fun so now I have ideas to make them on my own… just in case I need any more.

20170321_170442 - Copy

I, of course, strolled around the flowers, and under the trees.  It’s like heaven.  I did go home with a few flowers I couldn’t live without.  But I forgot to get this one!  I saw it when I walked in, but forgot all about it.

Isn’t is gorgeous?

20170311_125528 - Copy

The ride home was just as lovely.  The sun was lower in the sky, so the color of the hills and sky were vastly different.

Again, I really, really wanted to pull over!